Add a Touch of Green to This Year’s Halloween



Is there a parent alive whose heart sings when children come home with pillowcases full of candy, as young, sugar-soaked brains misfire on all cylinders?

A common defense is the Switch Witch, or Candy Fairy. After children have picked out a few pieces of sugary loot, they put the rest out for the Switch Witch. This beneficent witch comes while children are asleep to whisk away candy and leave a little gift in its place.

For treats to give out, among the most popular healthy alternatives are Fair Trade organic chocolates and organic fruit leathers. Favored non-food treats include nontoxic crayons and recyclable temporary tattoos.

Costumes and Decorations

Do It Yourself is the motto with costumes and decorations. Buying these things shortchanges children of the fun they have creating them, as well as putting more non-recyclable, petroleum-based garbage in landfills. It is time to reinvest in imagination instead – it’s more fun. There are countless ideas online for great, self-made costumes that cost little or no money.

Out and About

The plastic Trick or Treat bag is dead. It’s one creature that needn’t rise again this Halloween night. Pillowcases and canvas sacks are wonderful options.

Parents no longer sit behind the wheels of idling cars while their ghost lings float door-to-door. Walking along with children gives parents a chance to share their joy close-up, to look at the Halloween moon, and to revel in the spooky atmosphere.