An Affordable Vacation with a Difference


volunteer-vacationThinking about hitting the highway or flying somewhere for a bit of rest and relaxation? Just not sure where you wanna go, but you know for sure it can’t be one of the ‘usual getaways’….whatever that may be for you. Why not consider a volunteer vacation instead?

Volunteer vacations are relatively new phenomena that combine domestic or international travel with the opportunity to help others while enjoying yourself. Think of it as a getaway with a cause; you’ll be relaxing when you’re not helping others reach a happier state.

Depending upon the program, location and other specific criteria, room and board is often part of the experience, making it an affordable way to visit areas that might otherwise have been out of the question.

Some programs actually pay a small stipend for those that volunteer for longer-than-average durations.

If you are considering a volunteer vacation it is important to plan ahead, especially for overseas locations.

A passport/visa will be needed and you may have to get vaccinations.

Many programs have a limited number of spots available, or there may be qualification criteria, so make sure you apply early and contact anyone ahead of time with any inquiries you may have.

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