Are Burglars Watching Social Media Updates?

Spending your days tweeting away might be a great way to share news with friends and family, but it’s also an increasingly risky way to get robbed.

Social media applications like Twitter, Facebook and other popular forms of real-time communication are also growing in popularity among the criminally-minded. Real-time sharing may provide the perfect way to hook up with friends on short notice or simply stay in touch throughout the day, but it also informs others that you are away from home.

Recent reports indicate a dramatic rise in opportunistic criminals that use information from social media. Criminals are using social media to plan and target a home invasion while the owner is away.

There are several ways to help combat the risk of home invasion or robbery. Following are some things to keep in mind.

Home Alone: Never share information about children or vulnerable persons who may be home alone.

True Friends: Limit your network to people you can really trust, or consider using two different accounts – one for casual friends and another for family.

After-Effects: Rather than sharing in real-time, consider sending out a status report after the big event.

Remember, it’s still possible to use a cell phone to make actual calls rather than texting.