How Can You Prevent Costly Water Damage?

Water issues can lead to extensive structural damage. A minor leak can result in major claims for commercial building repairs. Fortunately, most leaks offer warning signs that building owners can watch for to prevent further damage. To protect your building from...

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What Is Gap Insurance, and Do I Need It?

Have you ever purchased a brand-new car? It had that new-car smell. The odometer readout was near zero. The paint was bright and shiny. You were excited to drive off the lot and put the first miles on your untainted vehicle. Guess what else happened as you drove off...

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Landscaping Losses: Are They Covered by Insurance?

Your neighbor's teenager drove over your beautiful flower beds. That old oak finally fell, and it took out your fence on its way down.  If a disaster hits your landscaping, is this covered by homeowners insurance? In many cases, yes. As part of your home, your...

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Modern Homes Can Outsmart Disaster

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The internet of things has taken home protection to the next level, empowering homeowners with new tools to keep their homes and loved ones safe. While homeowners might not be able to prevent every disaster, these innovative smart...

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Animal Invasion: Are you covered?

Image by Fran__ from Pixabay Your dog ate your couch. Birds destroyed your gutter. A family of raccoons overran your garage. Will your homeowners insurance cover these animal invasions?  Yes and no. Here's the scoop: Infestation: If your home suffers damage at...

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