Bored with New Year’s?  Here’s a New Take on It


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For many of us, New Year’s is, well, kind of boring: Get dressed up. Kiss strangers. Make resolutions. Here, hopefully, are some different takes on it:

The Baltic Times offers some unusual ways to ring in the New Year. Our favorites: Don’t … “Sleep it out. Tuck yourself into bed at approximately 8 p.m. on December 31 after drinking a nice steaming mug of cocoa. Don’t forget the earplugs to block out the fireworks.” And, “have a misery-fest. Resist the overwhelming pressure to be happy, and go all out to have a sublimely wretched night.” The Times suggests watching bleak Bergman films.

Speaking of misery: Many across the world celebrate New Year’s Day by taking icy dips in such frozen ponds as the North Sea – a Netherlands tradition – and the Atlantic, where the Brooklyn’s Coney Island Polar Bears have celebrated the start of a new year for more than a century. Brrr.

Then there’s the issue of New Year’s resolutions. A resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” Ironically, we usually end up not doing something: Not keeping our resolutions. If you must make resolutions, make great ones.

Here’s a keeper from author and psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina: Resolve to make your already successful marriage great. One of her suggestions is to lighten up: “Have a sense of humor; give the benefit of the doubt …”

These are wise words applicable to every relationship. And worth breaking your resolution not to make resolutions this year.