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Child Care InsuranceParents and guardians place their children in your care and trust you to keep them safe. That’s a huge responsibility and we know you do not take it lightly. Most directors / center owners spend long hours managing their facility to make sure it’s safe for their kids. That’s your commitment.

At Page Insurance, Ltd we partnered with experienced companies that take that commitment seriously. If you are looking for a better way to insure your center, or just started a new care center, you will discover that a domain expert is necessary to guide you through the myriad of possibilities that our partners give.

Besides great coverage, competitive pricing, and discounts for things like background checks and motor vehicle reports, our partners usually also offer free safety resources on a wide variety of issues:

  • Safe Playgrounds: Reducing the Risk
  • Food Safety: Proper Handling of Food
  • Child Abuse: Identification, Prevention and Reporting
  • Whatever insurance company you choose to go with, our partners know the risks and how to protect you and the children in your care.

Getting you the best coverage for your insurance dollars is our main concern.


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Affordable CCI By Page Insurance Ltd

What do you need to keep in mind when looking for the optimal Child Care Insurance Program? Is it just to protect you against lawsuits, or a claim for damage to your building, or is there more to it?

Basically, the right coverage depends on your needs; the size of your child care center and the center activities. Since not every child care center is the same, it takes a professional to guide you through this process. Start your journey off right and take a glance at the checklist below. It should give you a better understanding of how you can protect your business investment, and make the conversation with our domain specialist a more fruitful one! affordable.


What Makes a Great Child Care Insurance Program?

Not all insurance programs are created equal, so choose carefully. Here’s what to look for in a great child care insurance program:

  • Does the company have a dedicated crisis response team, which can be called in at a moment’s notice to help your center through serious or crisis situations?
  • Does the program provide hard-to-find liability coverages, like sexual abuse and childcare providers/teachers professional, that are essential to fully protect your center?
  • Does the company provide risk-management advice to make your center safer?
  • Does the company’s claims team have experience handling highly emotional claims involving children?
  • Is the company rated “A” or better by independent insurance analyst A.M. Best
  • What does a solid Child Care Insurance Program cover?

To achieve this, we at Page Insurance believe that the following topics need to be addressed:

General Liability Insurance:

Every child care facility needs General Liability insurance. This essential coverage protects you if you are sued by someone who claims you caused their physical injury or damaged their property. It’s a fact of life—accidents will happen, and you might be sued. It can occur in an instant: a parent claims your negligence caused a child’s injury, or someone slips on your floor. In any of these circumstances, you may be held responsible.
Umbrella Liability Insurance:

Umbrella Liability insurance provides additional protection that takes effect after you’ve gone above the limits of your General Liability or Automobile Liability insurance.

Management Liability:

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Fiduciary Liability

Corporal Punishment Liability:

Defends you against allegations of corporal punishment to the children in your care, even when groundless, false, or frivolous. Many insurance policies don’t offer this much-needed coverage.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability:

Offers critical coverage for situations that can be explosive. Our claims staff has expertise in handling these types of claims and is sensitive to the needs of all parties involved.

Child Care Providers and Teachers Professional Liability:

Allows teachers and providers to perform their professional duties without fear of devastating lawsuits, defense costs, and judgments. Without it, you could end up footing the bill alone.

Child Abduction Liability:

Pays reasonable and necessary covered expenses the school or center and the child’s parents incur to recover the child.

Special Events Liability:

Protects you from liability during field trips, fund-raisers, and other special events. We don’t make you buy a separate policy for most special activities.

Volunteers as Additional Insureds:

When your facility uses volunteers, they’re acting on your behalf. This insurance defends their unintentional negligent acts as it defends those of your employees.

Property Insurance:

If you own the building that houses your child care facility, you need property insurance to protect both your building and its contents. If you rent, you need property insurance to cover your valuable equipment. Page Insurance can get your child care enter coverage on a special cause of loss basis, which means you’re covered for events like fire, burglaries, vandalism, and even frozen pipes.

Systems Breakdown:

Protects you when any mechanical, electrical, or pressure system breaks down. This includes heating and air conditioning systems, computers, boilers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, and telephone systems.


Covers you if an employee steals money, securities, or other property.

Communicable Disease and Food Contamination:

Additional coverage that can be included when Business Income is purchased.

Commercial Property Plus Extension:

Additional limits and extensions for coverages such as Accounts Receivable, Employee Dishonesty, Ordinance or Law, and Utility Services.

Key Employee Replacement:

Helps you get back to business as quickly as possible following the loss of a key staff member. Provides the funds for a temporary replacement, and to find a qualified permanent replacement.

Accident Medical Insurance:

Accident Medical insurance will pay children’s medical bills if they are injured at your facility or during activities you sponsor and have no insurance of their own, or their bills exceed what their insurance pays. You can think of Accident Medical insurance as a goodwill gesture—by paying a child’s medical bills now, you may be able to avoid a lawsuit later.

Automobile Insurance:

Page Insurance provides automobile insurance with complete liability and physical damage coverage for the owned, leased, non-owned, and hired automobiles (such as vans, pickups, and buses) used at your facility.

Now you know what can be covered, it is time to find out how your situation translates into a tailor-made C.C.I. policy!

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