Claims Problem (Odor) Solved

By ServiceMaster

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, we know that odor stemming from fire and smoke damage to water and mold, to residual cigarette smoke and intense lingering cooking smells can greatly disrupt policyholders’ lives. Removing malodors can be a complex problem and there are multiple methods that may be used to remove these severe odors.

Many of these odors are held deep in fibers so during the restoration process it could take multiple treatments using a variety of products and techniques to completely remove the odors. Odors that individuals and businesses often experience can be categorized into four types of odors.

Protein-based odors
Fire and smoke odors
Sewage-based odors
Trauma-based odors

Each of these present unique challenges and need different products and/or combination of products to remove.

The Removal process begins by identifying the odor source and occasionally encapsulating the affected area to prevent odors from spreading further. The next step is to remove the source of the odor so that only residual odor is being treated. Once identified and removed or contained, a deodorization process must be selected to eliminate residual odors. Once selected proper cleaning and deodorizing begins and continues until the odor is removed. This may take multiple applications of products and could require days of specialized equipment. Today, there are four main equipment options that are used by ServiceMaster.

Odor Klenz: Utilizes the latest Nano-technology to remove airborne contaminates to eliminate odors in hours without using chemicals. OdorKlenz-Air cartridges install in portable HEPA air filtration systems to treat odor-polluted air as it passes through the system. It removes the odor particles without releasing chemicals or fragrances into the air
Fogging: Neutralizes odor by generating tiny odor neutralizing or eliminating fog droplets as small as 5 microns that follow odor particles throughout a structure and penetrate wherever the odor has traveled.
VaporShark System: A simple, quick and safe solution to tough odor problems in a broad spectrum of industries and situations. A neutralizing dry vapor is diffused as odor affected air passes over replaceable ‘breathing’ membranes to quickly penetrate porous systems and destroy malodors.
Hydroxyl generators: A safe alternative to ozone technology that uses a naturally occurring deodorizing vapor to eliminate odors, it may be sued around people, pets, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, textiles, electronics and other sensitive materials. Some of the latest technology in the industry, Hydroxyl generators are a fantastic option for odors in veterinary clinics, nursing homes and other workplaces.

Plus, there are myriad deodorization products designed to attack specific odors and neutralize or eliminate offensive smells. In combination with our state of the art remediation equipment, virtually any common malodor can be successfully destroyed.

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