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Meet Christine Ingraham
Client Corner - Christine Ingraham - Fletcher Cameron Design
 Always loving to draw, Christine Ingraham knew at an early age that design would define her path.  She comes from a rich legacy of designers and architects — she’s the great-granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright — recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as “the greatest American architect of all time.”
Staying true to her roots, Christine enjoys the position she is in today. She’s co-founder, along with her husband, Gregory Spiggle, of Fletcher Cameron Design, a full-service custom kitchen and cabinet company in business for more than 25 years.  Previously located for 10 years in Guilford, the company’s new showroom in New Haven is exquisitely appointed and impeccably styled, showcasing the company’s use of color and imagination; beautiful materials for cabinet finishes; a selection of interesting and unique countertops; lighting and other accessories.
“Visitors no longer have to imagine what a Fletcher Cameron kitchen will look like in their home,” Christine notes.  “They can roll out their plans, make their material selections in a relaxed environment and view their choices amongst the latest kitchen trends.”
“We spend a lot of time on research and development for new and exciting materials.  For decades we have evolved what I think is the most comprehensive and detailed assortment of products across all elements of kitchen design,” she continues.
Christine’s fresh and original thinking may mimic that of her elders, however it’s her passion for working and creating that she finds most similar.  In fact, she says she truly credits her success to her mother, Elizabeth Wright Ingraham.
“She had an enormous amount of energy,” Christine remembers. “With four kids, a full career as an architect, a volunteer, and an education advocate, my mother was an idea maker and worked like a trojan. She was very influential.”
At home in Guilford, Connecticut with her husband, teenage daughter and two Australian cattle dogs, Christine’s inherited high energy level is what drives her work-life balancing act. “I turn chaos into action,” she jokes. “I thrive on it, really.  The more I have to do, the more things I get done.”
Her approach to her work is always the same:  a combination of high energy, integrity and tenaciousness.  “Whatever the project,” she says.  “We use the simplest and purest of design techniques and resources.”
Visit the company’s showroom in New Haven’s hip and stylish Ninth Square Historic District at 91 Orange Street or call (203) 777-7707 for a personal appointment.