Coverage for a college student while driving another car

A client recently posed the following question.

Is my son covered if he gets in an accident driving another person’s car. Is there coverage for a college student while driving another car.

Here’s the answer. The car owner’s policy covers permissive use of the vehicle. So, he is  covered under their policy.

Even though they did not mention what type of “coverage”, I am fairly certain that they are referring to liability.

Here’s another answer from a policy analysis perspective.

The student son is covered on a primary basis under the car owner’s policy. This applies to any car that is being driven by anyone.

The parent’s policy provides excess coverage, while the student is operating the non-owned auto. Unless the vehicle is “furnished or available” for the student son’s regular use, which voids coverage without specific endorsement to the policy.

Here’s another thing to consider. Do you know if the car in question has valid insurance. Probably not. Which is why it recommended that you make sure you have the best coverage you can afford, and an umbrella policy.

That being said, is there any other information / wisdom that you can offer in this case ?

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