Data You Can Use, Delivered Fast – What a Concept!


Memory-driven computing is new. It’s fast. And it’s offering tremendous opportunities for problem-solving and innovation.

In the age of big data, the volume of available data has surpassed our ability to process and use it. But information technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has developed a new approach to computing that turns massive amounts of data into secure, actionable insights instantaneously.

The secret sauce? Upgrading processing from the current slow silicon to hyper-fast memory – an approach called memory-driven computing. This technology gives every processor in a system access to a high-performance interconnect protocol, which is essentially a humongous shared pool of memory.

Based on this new approach, in which memory is central to the system and not simply tethered to a processor, the company has rolled out a prototype known as “The Machine” that is up to 8,000 times faster than processor-based computers.

According to HPE (and supported by enthusiastic reviews in many tech publications), memory-based computing will unleash new opportunities for companies of every size in virtually all fields. Consumers can improve the performance of their Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and analysts will be able to predict and quickly respond to situations in health care, transportation, retail, and other industries.

For example, a memory-driven computing system could enable doctors and researchers to come up with personalized diagnoses and treatments, as well as predict and head off major epidemics. First responders could simulate emergency situations and prepare for crises. And smart transportation systems could optimize traffic flow. It’s a whole new world. Again.