A Bichon Frise dog Smiles as she goes through her Dog Door; home techIt’s a Dog World, Thanks to Home Tech


It’s not only humans who benefit from the boom in home technology. As a recent article from RISMedia suggests, pets are reaping the rewards, too.

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to monitor temperature in each room and adjust for weather conditions from their smartphones or tablets. This can be a lifesaver for pets, who often suffer when owners are away and temperatures dip or rise drastically.

Owners also can control remotely when their pet’s food will be dispensed, and even be notified if supplies are running low.

And for owners who have to leave their dogs alone for the day, there are “smart doggy doors” that use radio frequencies to communicate with a tag on the dog’s collar and let puppy in and out.

These days, it truly is a dog’s world!