Do Drones Fly with Homeowners Insurance?


Will homeowners insurance cover personal use of a drone?

It is possible for an airborne drone to crash due to operator error, component failure or weather. The crash may destroy the drone, damage nearby property or cause personal injury. Additionally, if the drone has a camera, invasion of privacy can be an issue.

If you are not using your drone commercially, but only for personal uses, your homeowners policy may cover the drone and/or damages.  However, different insurance companies take different positions when it comes to covering these unmanned aircraft. Ask your insurer and consider the following points:

  1. Your drone is considered to be personal property and should be insured for specific losses — theft, fire, vandalism and more. You may need to ask if coverage can be added for crash-related damage to the drone.
  2. It is common for policies to cover building damage on an all-risk basis, but exclusions may apply. Find out how your insurer handles drone-related damage. Keep in mind your policy deductible may need to be paid first to cover structural and/or personal property losses.
  3. The biggest concern when it comes to drones is the liability for damage to someone else’s property, personal injury or invasion of privacy. You may be facing large repair bills, medical bills or lawsuits if your drone crashes into a structure and/or causes injury and/or improperly records something (or someone).

Insurers typically exclude liability for aviation losses, but may now make an exception for model or hobby aircraft, including drones. Review your policy exclusions to be sure that you are sufficiently covered in the event of drone-related damages.

For this and any other questions you have about your homeowners (or renters) policy, just ask us! We love to answer these kinds of questions!