Five Ways to Make Good Use of the Holiday Lull

If you’re not working in a retail environment, chances are the holiday season is a slack time for you.

This annual slowdown can be a good opportunity for you to catch up, evaluate the past year and prepare for the one ahead.

Following are five ways you can make the holiday slowdown work for you and your business:

Update Processes and Install New Software: This is a great time to identify new processes and programs that can help you work better, faster and more efficiently. Take advantage of the December lull to research what’s new and to train yourself and your staff on new programs and methods.

Get Organized: There is something cathartic about cleaning and organizing your work area. Get rid of the junk and go through your files to be sure they are in order. Delete old emails and shred redundant copies of documents.

Update Marketing Plans and Materials: Take stock of what you’ve got in the way of materials and plan for what you need. While you’re at it, update your database and map out a strategy to contact these prospects in the year ahead. Take a dive deep into the websites of your peers and competitors, including those that offer similar products and/or services and those that compete for budgetary resources.

Conduct a Year-End Review: By taking careful stock of what you did well and what you need to work on, you can begin to craft a plan for making changes that will serve your business well.

Get a Head Start: Get going early on year-end bookkeeping tasks and tax preparation work. This information is crucial to making decisions for next year.

If you use some of your downtimes through the holiday season to do these activities, then you can hit the ground running in January, focused and productive.

You’ll also be more prepared for whatever 2018 may bring.