Flying High: A Guidance System Can Steer You to Success


guidance systemIt’s human nature to make goals to lead us to success. But it’s also human nature to lose those goals in the face of everyday concerns.

As poet Robert Burns famously said: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

What we need is a guidance system similar to those in airplanes, suggests author and coach Terri Murphy in a recent article in RISMedia: “(An airplane has) a guidance system that continually adjusts the nose of the plane to make course corrections, which keeps the plane in the intended target.”

Most of us, however, don’t have a guidance system and, rudderless, let our plans go awry.

Murphy suggests a solution: Define three top goals that, if achieved, will “make you feel super successful.”

Home in on one daily key priority that represents a step toward your goals. A weekly checklist and an action plan will encourage you to complete the daily activities that support your top priority.

At the end of the week, assess your progress and tweak your plan accordingly.

And, most importantly, keep referring to your top goals and don’t slip back into those “comfortable” habits that keep you from achieving them.

While we may lack an airplane’s guidance system, we humans do have the ability to plan. To keep those plans in the air, we need a system.

Whether it’s Murphy’s or a hybrid of several similar goal-oriented systems, it must be sufficiently compelling (and user-friendly) to make you want to abandon your day-to-day crises and concentrate on your success.