Gone Phishing: Don’t Let Your Team Take the Bait


Everyone is aware of potential scams and malware, but cybercriminals are getting more creative every day.

It’s hard to avoid being hooked. And even tech-savvy employees may fall for the latest scam. For example, would your employees second-guess an urgent request sent by you or one of your high-level execs?

With new, and increasingly more sophisticated, phishing tactics, cybercriminals are poised to invade your company, causing you significant loss.

Your employees are your first line of defense, so the best way to prevent the insurance claims and other costs of cyber attacks is to educate employees. Here are some ways you all can fight back.

Train: Show your employees what phishing emails look like. Share real examples. Seeing what these messages actually look like will better equip them to identify red flags and recognize a scam when they see one.

Test: It might be helpful to simulate a phishing campaign. Your employees can learn from direct experience what to do and what not to do. Be sure to keep the focus on what they can do better rather than what they did wrong. The exercise should educate, not develop mistrust.

Reward: Avoiding the negative effects of malware is a big incentive in itself. But a positive reward shows employees the importance you place on their role in stopping it. Consider offering small rewards to employees who identify and avoid phishing emails. The rewards don’t have to be huge: Buy them lunch. Publicize individual successes. It’s worth it to keep your employees vigilant.