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This will take five minutes to read and might be entertaining. It took me just under three minutes to read..

First, walk out to your car and make sure you have current Insurance Cards in all your vehicles.

If you do, come back and read the rest of my story.
If you don’t, call or email me (or your agent) and we’ll get that fixed right away.

You’ll know why in three minutes. Or just skip to the bottom if you’re impatient like me.

Now you can ready my story.

So…I got pulled over for speeding last summer.
I don’t dispute it.
I was speeding, got caught, took my lumps and paid my fine.
It could have been worse. It was late, I was headed home from a ‘celebrity’ guest appearance on a podcast, which sounds way more glamorous than saying I was hanging out with my nephew and his friends in a really warm basement on a hot summer night while they talked about nothing.
Even if I was, I wouldn’t tell you. Would I? Actually, I would…yeah I just did.

I was on I-95 headed home, it was midnight…there wasn’t a car in sight.
I was feeling lucky and carefree.
Oh, and I was doing 81 in a 65 mph zone, so I was told, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Then I saw the troopers car, I hit the brakes, and I got into the right lane…D’oh! It was too late.

He was on me in a heartbeat, with lights and sirens wailing and pulled me over. BUSTED!

That was the extent of the “high drama”.

The trooper came to the passenger window and asked me if there was any reason for the excessive speed, I told him it was just stupidity.
Yup…the truth stings, but sometimes it’s just necessary.
Then, he asked for my license, registration and insurance cards.
I’m an insurance professional, so I was all ready with all the paperwork. Right?

Yeah, that’s when things got real.

He came back after 5-10 minutes with my ticket. Thank you, sir!
He also told me quite nicely that my registration papers and ID cards were expired.
What? Really? How could that be?!

“Way to go, Ace” my father (also George Page) would say. He didn’t say that a lot…really!
“Way to practice what you preach”,  I said to myself sarcastically. I don’t say that a lot either.

We always tell all our clients to put their Insurance ID Cards in their glove compartment. Always!

I did tell you, right? Well….I guess I didn’t get that memo. Maybe it was one of those times when I wasn’t talking to myself. Probably a good thing….except in this case. Anyway…I managed to wriggle out of that tight situation with a mere $90 fine. The funny (or sad) part was that both documents (current, not expired) were in the car, hidden behind the expired paperwork. Apparently, I do practice what I preach….so I got that going for me.


And the takeaway from my isolated act of stupidity?

  1. Don’t speed – It’s not a good thing. Ever. I mean that seriously. It can cost you money and it’s dangerous. End rant…
  2. Always make sure you have current Insurance ID cards and registration in your car.
  3. Honesty pays (actually it costs $90 in this particular instance).

Do you have current insurance cards in all your vehicles?

Drive safely!

George Page, Jr
Page Insurance, Ltd
102 Boston Street
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 453-5258

P.S. – I’m not your insurance agent? Why not?