The Great Cumbie's Coffee Mix-Up

The Great Cumbie’s Coffee Mix-up

Why Cumbie’s is So Great!

A funny thing happened when I got coffee this morning. Sounds like an easy task, but I was having issues with the whole coffee pouring thing, poured too much, spilled coffee on the counter and my dollar bills.

Went to grab a napkin, setting my coffee down on the counter next to the garbage can. When I went back to grab it again, there was an identical cup right next to it. An older guy walks up as I’m trying to decide which one was mine.

It’s a 50/50 chance, so  grab one of them that looks like a good chance of being mine. “Is this one yours?” I ask  him pointing to the one that is left.

“I hope so!” he replies

“You gotta watch him, he’ll steal your coffee”, says George (Cumbie’s employee) jokingly, referring to me.

We all laugh, pay for our coffee and leave. I’m sitting in my car, I take a sip of coffee and notice immediately that it’s sweetened. Not mine. I look over to the car that the other guy jumped into, he takes a sip. Nothing. Then another sip and he grimaces and shakes his head in disapproval. I burst out laughing.

Another split decision point.

Do I drive away and call it a day, drink my sweetened coffee, and ignore the whole deal, or do I ‘fess up?

No thought involved, I jump out of the car with my coffee, walk up to the front of the store, raise my cup of coffee to him and shake my head in disapproval. He shakes his head back, gets out of the car, I apologize and we walk back into the store to make the exchange.

” I took the wrong coffee, can we swap them out?” I ask bluntly.

“Do you mean dump them out and get a new one?” asks George

“Yes” I reply

“Sure, no problem” he says cheerfully.

After I filled up a new coffee cup, I asked if we were all set and George said “All set”.

So, we both got new coffees, no extra charge and it was another near coffee disaster averted.

Lesson learned #1 Cumberland Farms is the best place to get coffee in the morning. The employees are always cheerful, greet you on the way in, wish you a good day on the way out, and (last but not least) have the best coffee.

Hands down, the best place to get coffee (and ice cream)!

Lesson #2 – Don’t put your coffee cup next to someone else’s on the counter. Especially someone you do not know.

So, that’s The Great Cumbie’s Coffee Mix-up and Why Cumbie’s is So Great!

Have a great day!