Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Personal Injury Claims?


personal-injuryIf someone gets hurt at your home, would you have to cover the medical expenses? Do homeowner’s insurance policies cover personal injuries?


What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Most people know that homeowner’s insurance covers damage to the home, such as fire damage, theft, and some kinds of damage from severe weather. But there is typically additional protection beyond that. Homeowner’s insurance also protects the policyholder from the unexpected financial consequences of an accident or injury on your property.

If an accident in your home or on your property results in an injury, and the injured party seeks compensatory damages for the injuries, medical treatment, and income lost (if applicable), your homeowner’s policy may cover you. Specifically, your insurer defends you and if necessary, pays out the claim (up to your policy limits).

When Can Someone Make a Personal Injury Claim Against You?

  • If they are not a resident of the home
  • If they are on the property legally
  • If you or a resident of your home caused the accident or through negligence allowed a safety hazard to exist that resulted in injury and/or damages
  • If they have documented injuries in and/or damages (medical records must be consistent with the claim)

If someone initiates a personal injury claim against you, let your insurer know immediately. They will know how to proceed, and they will defend you.

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