Life Audit Can Help Your Resolutions Stick

It’s the time of year to make plans and set a few goals.

However, despite the best of intentions the majority of resolutions fail to germinate.

Following are three ways to make sure you stick to your resolutions:

Be Sincere: Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is, and isn’t, really important. Peer pressure, expectations of family and friends, and even your own fears all tend to inhibit the ability to admit what you really want. Audit your emotional state by writing down the most important people, events and feelings you have experienced in the past year and what you would do differently next year. Make it meaningful.

Take Small Steps: Rather than trying to tackle all of life’s little challenges at once, take small steps instead. Make a list of things that are incomplete for 2013 that could be finalized during 2014. Next, make a list of things you would at least like to begin next year, including any assets or special information that will be needed. It’s a great way to build on success. Don’t become frustrated with failure, which comes from an “all or nothing” mentality.

Eliminate Negativity and Naysayers: Let’s face it, trying to reach a new goal is tough enough even without the influence of naysayers and other negative influences. Trying to climb to new heights with a boulder of negativity on your shoulders is a burden you don’t need. Eliminating negative people, actions and activities from your life increases the odds of reaching your goals. More importantly it enhances your enjoyment of the entire process.

Start your life audit today.

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