Water issues can lead to extensive structural damage. A minor leak can result in major claims for commercial building repairs. Fortunately, most leaks offer warning signs that building owners can watch for to prevent further damage. To protect your building from leaks, keep an eye out for these red flags:

Discoloration:water damage

Notice any unsightly stains on your walls? This can indicate a plumbing leak in the wall. Be on the lookout for stains that grow in size.


No one wants to find mold in their building. If you do, this is an indication that moisture is an issue. Watch for growth on walls, ceilings, and baseboards. If you discover mold or mildew, locate the source of the moisture ASAP and make any necessary repairs.


Have you noticed a musty odor in your building? This odd aroma may indicate a leak. Sniff out the source of the odor and make repairs before the issue worsens.


Are any of your walls bent or curved? When walls absorb water, they warp. This misshape can be due to a leak behind the wall. If your walls aren’t smooth, look for possible leaks to prevent further damage.


Whether wallpaper or paint, peeling can mean you have a leak. The moisture will cause the material to pull away from the wall.

If you discover any of these warning signs for leaks, take action to make leak repairs immediately. This proactive approach will help prevent damage and the need for costly repairs later on. Still have questions and concerns, feel free to contact our office and we’ll be glad to help.