How Careful Driving Pays Off with Lower Insurance Rates

How Careful Driving Pays Off with Lower Insurance Rates

Age has its advantages, especially when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Understand the “how” and “why” of obtaining better value when buying auto insurance with this checklist.

Maturity Matters: Auto insurance is based upon statistical data derived from millions of policyholders. In general, drivers above the age of 25 tend to have fewer accidents and get fewer tickets than do younger drivers. If you recently reached 25, be sure to ask your agent about possible discounts.

Duration of Driving: Experience consists of the actual number of years on the road – especially accident-free periods of time. You typically require a consistent driving record of at least five to seven years without tickets or other infractions to qualify for better rates.

Drivers Education: It’s never too late to learn more about good driving habits, especially if you are younger or planning to purchase a motorcycle, ATV or other form of transportation. Demonstrate your level of dedication and preparation by investing in a driver’s education course to qualify for better rates.

Safe Drivers: Of course, safety pays, especially when it comes to obtaining the best auto insurance rates. With the cost of tickets higher than ever, allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination and keep an eye on the little things like changing lanes and coming to a complete stop at all intersections. Not only will it reduce the risk of accidents or injury, but it will help keep your insurance rates low.