How to Get the Most out of Trade Shows

Trade shows require a significant investment of time and money.
By planning your trade show presence thoughtfully, you can maximize your return on investment.
Once you have selected a trade show that will draw the type and number of prospects you want, you need to prepare a promotional plan to attract visitors to your booth, create recall among prospective customers and generate a positive buzz among influencers.
Following are some things to keep in mind when marketing at a trade show:
1. Tell Your Story: There are many creative ways to tell your story at a trade show. Large, bright signs, visuals and graphics are good attention grabbers. Creative use of lighting and motion techniques, such as projecting a DVD onto a screen and doing product demonstrations, is an effective way to draw visitors to your display.
2. Create an Exhibit That Conveys Your Image, Brand and Product Message: Choose colors, graphics and promotional items that stand out but also reflect who you are and what you represent. High-quality collateral materials, including sales literature, product sheets and business cards, are essential.
3. Sensory Appeal: Pleasing sights, scents and sounds can add appeal to your display. Entertainment, interactive games, and things like competitions and virtual experiences can attract – but may also distract. Giveaways, raffles and drawings provide you with contact information to follow up on.
4. Booth Staffing: Without dynamic tradeshow staffing, your eye-catching exhibit, beautiful signage, product demonstrations and clever giveaways are wasted. Booth personnel must be friendly, lively and fully engaged in achieving your company’s goals. Booth representatives personify your product’s quality and image, and they are responsible for establishing relationships that convert prospects into leads and ultimately into customers.