How to Make Videos Your Customers Will Watch

Online video marketing is a great way to communicate effectively with Internet shoppers, especially the affluent, web-savvy Gen Y demographic. Video offers a fast, highly sensory way to engage viewers in real time and to present products, services and marketing messages.
But video is a complex, multidisciplinary medium. Here are some tips for a well-crafted video marketing approach:
Prominent Placement: Where you place a video on your website is key to whether it will ever get noticed. Make it obvious. Be sure the invitation to view it has plenty of screen real estate.

Short and Crisp: The average attention span of a web surfer is measured in seconds. In Internet video time, two minutes can seem like an eternity if content is static and lifeless. Be sure to let viewers know the length of your video.

Recurring Theme: A well-crafted video is knitted together with a strong motif, such as a color scheme, thematic background, graphic pattern and/or typeface.

Visual Choreography: The editing pace of an online video should be similar to that of a TV commercial. The average length of a single shot is about five seconds, just long enough to demonstrate a feature, make a point or transition from one topic to another.

Soundtrack: Video is more than simply a visual medium. Effective video combines sound and vision into a cohesive whole.
Online video marketing can be a key business differentiator for your company.  Effective video communication requires a blend of compelling content, creative visuals, rich audio and novel approach.