Insurance Options for Your Four-Legged Friends

Anyone who has ever experienced a puppy’s love or the gentle purr of a kitten knows how important a loving and loyal pet can be. And, because four-legged friends are now an increasingly important part of the family, it should come as no surprise that pet insurance is one of the most popular new forms of insurance. Following are some things to think about when choosing a policy:

Health Insurance: Unexpected vet bills can add up quickly. Pet health insurance helps you budget for routine visits and reduces the cost associated with major intervention by negotiating preferred premiums and other discounts. It’s an especially attractive option for those with older pets or those dealing with a chronic condition. However, be sure you understand exclusions, co-payments and other deductibles.

Auto Accidents: Make sure every passenger is covered in the event of a crash by adding pet coverage to your auto policy. This is an especially important form of coverage for those who deal with show dogs, therapy pets or other skilled animals, as well as expensive breeds. Ask your agent about additional coverage options to help defray the cost of treatment, shelter and other expenses in the event your pet is involved in an auto accident.

Homeowner Liability: Last but not least, consider adding additional liability coverage or even an umbrella policy to protect yourself if your pet injures somebody. Remember, as a responsible pet owner, you assume all liability for your pet’s behavior, including anything from digging up the neighbor’s rare exotic plants to biting.