Insure Your Hot Summer Ride With a Seasonal Policy

Winter, spring, summer and fall. Each season has its unique characteristics. But depending on where you live, one season may last longer than the others. Do you tough it out through a long, harsh Vermont winter? Or do you escape to the beaches of sunny Florida? Either way, you quite possibly will need a vehicle that you may not use the rest of the year. Whether you’ve got sand in your tires – or snow – seasonal auto insurance is an affordable way to insure a car that has limited seasonal use. Insure Your Hot Summer Ride With a Seasonal Policy

Coverage Options

A seasonal auto insurance policy can be as minimal or as comprehensive as you want. You still must meet legal minimum liability requirements, but after that it depends on the primary purpose of your vehicle. If you’re tooling around in a summer Jeep, you may not need as much coverage as for a four-wheel drive used as a snow plow. It’s a good idea to obtain collision as well as uninsured/underinsured coverage.


Short-term coverage is typically more affordable, but your premiums are still subject to normal factors, including your driving history, the vehicle make and model, and location. Compare the cost of a temporary policy with a full-year policy to see which one would provide the most protection at the best price.

You also might consider using a temporary policy when transporting a car you just purchased or when borrowing a vehicle from a friend for an extended period of time. Remember, if you’re driving, make sure you’re insured.