Is your Insurance Local?


If you have your insurance through a local insurance agency, consider your insurance local. If it’s with GEICO, or Progressive Direct, or USAA or AMICA, then it’s not local.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not local.

Why does it matter that your insurance is local?

It matters because we invest in our communities by making purchases locally when we can.

Local businesses invest in training kids for the workforce and investing in local causes.

We have supported a number of local causes over the years. Organizations such as The Guilford Food Bank, Women and Family Life, and Guilford Little League have all benefitted because our clients chose to do business with Page Insurance.

Our clients don’t choose to do business with us just because we support local causes. They choose our agency because our goal is of a very high standard. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service to every new and prospective client.

Insurance is mostly not easy to understand, so we try to make the complicated a little easier. We also work hard to make sure everyone is paying a fair price for this insurance…not too much. The best coverage at the best rate.

It’s that commitment and level of devotion that has allowed us to prosper and grow for the past 75 years. This same dedication is shared by many other local businesses.

Local does not mean more expensive. We have many many clients that will attest to that fact. The same is true with many things that you might be looking for or price shopping.

So, the next time you are inclined to price shop for something, try locally.

Call us or email us and see what we can do.