It’s all about workflow. Not sure what I mean? Neither am I totally. i know this…go online shopping and what do you want? People usually want a streamlined experience. They want Amazon. It’s efficient, it’s easy, it’s predictable. Oddly, people will spend more when they are shopping for things on Amazon (not always though). Point is, they will sometimes spend more because of the sheer convenience, AND the fact that they know it will be delivered in (2) days.

If you have a problem with the item, generally speaking you can return it very easily and if it happens that you have to call Amazon, that’s possible too. I have had very good customer service experiences with Amazon.
Now…insurance is not Amazon, but I think we can learn valuable lessons from consumer behavior and the overwhelming success of Amazon. I started with Amazon in 2007. People were skeptical at that point and not everyone was familiar or comfortable shopping on Amazon. Today…totally different story. You can buy anything from toothbrushes to electrical generators on Amazon.
So, how does that relate to insurance and the success of the independent insurance agent. Companies and agents alike make it hard for the general public to do business with us. Companies do not embrace and/or integrate with commonly accepted technology like Docusign. They do not format their quotes for easy delivery. They praise companies like Progressive for their forward thinking approach and technology, but do nothing to solve the problem. They lay almost the entire burden on the independent agent.
Except for one company that recently opened my eyes as to how a company should treat their agents. Also, how agents should treat their prospects…and how they should attract new business. It’s about connections.
The industry groups and agencies are no better. Ask anyone on the street if they know what “Trusted Choice” is and you will get a blank stare. You know where I’m going with this one…Gecko, Flo, etc.
These are just my opinions and I have solutions, but I think any efforts on the part of the industry group should have the customer, and exceptional customer service, as it’s focus. If the customer is happy, if prospects are happy, then agents are happy. Technology is a means to deliver exceptional customer service.
Did you expect me to end on anything other than a comment about customer service? 🙂