Book coverKatharine Wright Book: Maiden Flight Review

On behalf of one of our clients, Harry Haskell, we wanted to reach out to you all to share a new read and ask for your support!
Here’s an excerpt of the book, as well as a few links that will enlighten you on the story, courtesy of Harry:
I hope some of you have had a chance to read Maiden Flight, my new book about Katharine and Orville Wright and my grandfather. The early reviews have been really gratifying. Booklist, for instance, says: “Haskell imaginatively makes what was already an interesting triangle even more emotionally gripping. This slow burn of a story draws readers in more deeply with each page and makes Katharine truly the most intriguing Wright of them all.”
Taking a cue from my new friend Laurie Notaro–a bestselling humorist who has just broken into historical fiction with a wonderful novel called Crossing the Horizon, about a trio of early women aviators who crossed the Atlantic in the late 1920s–I’d like to ask each of you to consider posting a review of Maiden Flight online. Given my publisher’s extremely limited publicity budget, consumer reviews are crucial in spreading the word about Katharine’s story. They don’t need to be long or involved–even two or three well-chosen words (plus an equal number of exclamation points!) are enough to catch the attention of potential readers. My current book tour of the Midwest has convinced me that there are many of them out there, but reaching them and generating “buzz” for a book like this isn’t easy!
There are many relevant websites, but Amazon and Good Reads are among the most widely read. Here are the links to the Maiden Flight pages:


Whatever you can do will be much appreciated. Thank you all for your interest and encouragement!