Local Social Media Gurus Can Influence Your Customers


social mediaWord of mouth has been the best way to market almost since the beginning of time. Until recently, when it came to large purchases such as cars or homes, we’d ask family and friends for their advice. And they’d influence our buying decisions.

But in today’s digital age, there are new advisors. They’re called influencers, and they’re primarily celebrities who use social media platforms to encourage their followers to act, style, eat, and buy as they do.

Social media influencers have followers that often number in the millions. In June 2017, for example, singer Selena Gomez had 123 million followers on Instagram alone. And they’re incredibly powerful. As Kimberly de Silva points out in a recent Entrepreneur article, 49% of buyers rely on social media influencers for advice.

Now, says de Silva, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to use this desirable approach, thanks to micro-influencer marketing. As she suggests: “[An SME can now] partner with influencers with smaller followings to promote your local business with authentic posts of sponsored ads.”

Although micro-influencers reach smaller numbers, their fans are more tuned in and more apt to listen. What’s more, micro-influencers appear to be more influential in local markets. They become the trusted advisors, the voice of authority in a given area or community – precisely what small businesses need.

It can take some serious research to find the right micro-influencers; the ideal candidate is an individual who precisely aligns with your brand and message. Plus you’ll want to partner with those who already share interests with your target audience on platforms they both use.

De Silva notes: “The better the fit, the more effective the influencer marketing campaign.”