Making Repairs? Essential Equipment for Every Toolbox


A properly stocked toolbox is essential if you’re buying your first home or gearing up to take care of a few necessary repairs and renovations. The following are a few items you might need:

Power Drill: There’s a reason the humble power drill has become one of the most popular tools among homeowners and craftsmen alike. It makes easy work of hundreds of household projects. From hanging shelves to installing cabinets, a power drill should be at the top of every list. Be sure to pick up drill bits and other accessories.

Tape, Glue and Other “Gunk”: Everyone knows that duct tape is an essential item, but don’t forget about WD-40, a tube of wood glue, plumbing tape, electrical tape, J-B Weld and other types of household adhesives.

Protective Gear: A good pair of gloves and safety glasses and hearing protection can go a long way toward keeping you safe when making small repairs.

Sockets and Screwdrivers: A quality set of sockets and screwdrivers can last a lifetime, so buy the best you can afford since both of these are some of the most used tools. Pliers and C-clamps are excellent additions if you can afford them.

Pull Saw, Putty Knife, and Razor Edge: Superficially, these might not appear to be related, but in real-life situations, the flexibility provided by each gives them all a top rating for every toolbox. Pull saws or Japanese saws are super sharp and easy to use, even in tight spaces, while putty knives and razors tackle everything from adhesives to spackle with ease.