Manage Fall’s Clutter and Mess with a Mudroom


September means transitions. School begins and seasons change. This means more backpacks – and dirt – in your home. It’s a perfect time to consider creating a mudroom designed to help the transition from outside to inside.

Mudrooms are typically located at the front or back of a home, near entrances. They offer a dedicated space to store items like shoes, boots, and coats so the rest of the home stays clean. And they’re not exclusive to big properties. Small city homes – even condos – can include mudrooms.

To design your own mudroom, first look at the space available in your home. Sometimes just adding storage for shoes and coats can transform a back porch into a mudroom.

A repurposed cupboard can be ideal to hide outerwear as well as sports gear and backpacks. Even a hallway near a door can hold a bench with storage space underneath.

If you’re designing a home, why not carve out a space for the kids’ home-from-school clutter and combine it with a place for all your cleaning products?

A ground floor laundry room could be a great solution, as dirty clothes can be tossed directly into the washer. You might even have a dog station to wipe muddy paws before they track up your floors.

A mudroom should be located where it will be used, and it must be able to contain the kids, the dog, and all their stuff. Use durable surfaces and consider indoor/outdoor carpeting for easy cleanup.

Mudrooms can be fun as well as practical. Have good lighting. Use different-colored personalized storage for each family member. Let the kids choose their own storage containers – they’ll buy into the concept if they have a stake in it.

Remember that your mudroom is for everyone, even guests. Provide a basket of slippers, a welcome place to sit, and somewhere to put bags.