What Meaning Is Hiding Behind Your Bouquet?


meaning-bouquetRoses don’t just smell sweet; their colors also communicate messages. Most people know the basics. Red means love. White means purity. Yellow means friendship. However, those meanings change depending on the flowers. A red carnation means flashy. A red chrysanthemum means sharing. Yellow carnations stand for cheerfulness, but secret admirers should send yellow chrysanthemums. Red tulips may declare love, but yellow ones show the sender is hopelessly in love.

It takes more than the proper petal hue to send the best message. Different flowers have their own meanings. Gardenias express joy. Jasmine stands for grace and elegance. Ivy expresses fidelity. Use lilacs for your first love. Be cautious about sending orange blossoms; they stand for fertility.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Keep in mind: bouquets aren’t just for romantic lovers. Zinnias, for example, express thoughts of friends.