Millennials Make Estate Sales Cool Again


estate-salesMillennials are often viewed as financially careless, shelling out money for avocado toast instead of saving for homes or retirement.

Many came of age during a worldwide financial crisis, so their hesitancy to consider long-term financial plans is understandable. Now, millennials are aging. They are buying homes, starting families, and opening businesses. Recent studies suggest they’re more financially prudent than their parents and more likely to maintain budgets and avoid big-ticket items. That’s why many shop at estate sales.

It’s easy to see why these sales have millennial appeal. They offer one-stop shopping for kitchen items, household items, and toys – all discounted. Estate sales are also great community events. They can be fun group outings. There’s also a thrill in hunting for a great deal or finding a rare item. Plus, you can meet people with common interests at these sales.

If you’re not a millennial, consider this demographic when you’re planning sales. Be sensitive to millennial characteristics. They are typically busy and on tight budgets, and they want to avoid impulse buys. With these factors in mind, keep your sales organized and simple. Label items clearly, with prices easily displayed. Group similar objects together: kitchenware in one area, tools in another, toys separated in age-appropriate ways.

Don’t restrict this mindset to just sales. Millennials also like garage sales. Like many from generations past, most millennials aren’t above a good bargain!