Monitor ‘Attractive Nuisances’ for a Safe Summer

 Some common backyard activities may lead to claims and lawsuits. Don’t spoil your summer. Here are some activities you may need to insure against:

“Attractive nuisances”: Seventy percent of drownings happen in the summer and occur in backyard pools. A backyard pool is just one example of what insurers call “attractive nuisances”-items that pose great potential danger and are particularly interesting to children. This category also includes ponds, fountains, trampolines, and swing sets.

The solution: Raise liability limits and get umbrella liability insurance. Some insurers will require safety measures; ignoring this could mean cancelled policies or denied claims.

Summer soirees: You’ve gathered friends and family for a barbecue, complete with wine spritzers and beer. But remember: If alcohol-related accidents happen during or after your party, you’re liable for damages in most states.

More than 40 states have host liability laws, making hosts responsible for guests injured-or worse-from consuming alcohol. And more than 35 states have host liability laws that specifically pertain to third-party property damage or injuries stemming from alcohol consumed at your home/party.

Don’t leave alcohol in the open, ensure drinkers are of age, and don’t push your friends to drink more. Consider taking their keys on arrival. Ask your agent about your state’s regulations and be prepared to increase your liability limits.

Grills and fireworks: Fire risks increase in summertime-just consider that grills alone cause roughly $35 million annually in property damage, and fireworks account for two of five fires reported on Independence Day. Set off fireworks as far from your home as possible, and don’t place your grill too near porches or trees. Also have fire extinguishers nearby, and ensure you’re aware of local fireworks regulations.

Confirm you have adequate liability, property damage, and medical coverage. And don’t forget to ask about coverage terms if someone else causes damage or injuries.