No database…tell me it ain’t true.

I called one of our insurance companies (they shall remain nameless) the other day. I wanted them to send an email to us when the ordered an inspection. That’s it…just a simple email to let us know that someone would be contacting the insured, or at least driving by their house.

The answer, basically…we can’t because we don’t have a database. WTF? I know that’s not really polite language in some circles, but it’s in the dictionary. Or at least, it was recently added to the Merriam-Webster unabridged version.

So, an insurance company without a database. It’s 2016 for crying out loud!

The other explanation was that it was not in the workflow. To be precise, it is not in the electronic submission workflow. In other words, they don’t think it’s important to notify/communicate outside of their arbitrary (and antiquated) workflow.

They apparently do not know ( or don’t care) what the client thinks. I will tell you that almost every single time an inspection is ordered, it instills fear in the hearts of our clients. Interior or exterior, it doesn’t really matter…the fact is that the insured has an image of someone they don;t know in their house, or lurking around outside their house.

So, my email to the company fell on deaf ears. I got the answer I was looking for,, but was totally shocked to learn that the company did not have a database. A perfectly good database program could be acquired for very little money, expense and training.

Finally, with all the buzz about “data” you would think that a company big enough, and rich enough, to entertain their agents at major sporting events and elsewhere would have the ability to install a simple database program.

It’s 2016, after all.