What does Page Insurance do, anyway?

We’ve been in the same location for over 70 years, when my grandfather decided to leave his farming career behind and start an insurance agency. He was the herd / farm manager for Rollwood Farm in Guilford CT. More on the history of Rollwood Farm later.

What does an independent agency do? Good question. It’s a question people ask us every day.

We represent a number of different insurance companies. We write Auto, Home and Umbrella Insurance with these companies. Excellent, financially stable, reputable, professional and friendly insurance companies.

Most of our companies are not household names. You probably will not recognize them.Names like Andover Companies (which writes through Cambridge Mutual Insurance Company and Merrimack Mutual Insurance Company), State Auto Insurance Companies, Kemper Preferred, Utica National Insurance Company, Foremost Insurance Company, Progressive Insurance Company (okay, you probably know Flo), Safeco (owned by Liberty Mutual), NGM Insurance Company.

Was I right? You probably didn’t know most of those companies.

Thing is…these are excellent companies that will come to your rescue if something bad happens. Companies that will take the sting out of a claim, whether it’s a minor car accident or a house fire, or a lawsuit. Scary stuff, hard stuff that happens in life. Stuff we hope never happens to you.

But if bad stuff happens…we’re here for you. We follow your claim from start to finish. We make sure you’re protected from the bad stuff in life.

Because stuff happens and we’ll be there to make sure it’s nnot any harder than it should be. Call us, experience the difference.