Page Insurance is Going Green

Page Insurance is Going Green

We believe in sustainability, we believe in clean air, water and earth. Since my grandfather’s days as a farmer in Guilford in the 1920’s, we have held fast to those ideals.

Why, because it’s the right thing to do. There is too much pollution in our world. It is affecting our generation and the world that our kids will inherit. So we believe it is imperative to do our part.

How? We are a paperless office. This means that we make every attempt to not use paper, not print things that can be delivered or transacted via electronic means. We employee an electronic filing system, an electronic management system, as well as energy efficient appliances and lighting.

We also use electronic signatures and encourage our clients to go paperless and pay bills online. We scan all documents and shred the paper. That shredded paper is turned into gift wrap.

That is the Page Insurance commitment to going green.

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