Are You Covered for Professional Liability?

In today’s uncertain economy it makes more sense than ever to protect yourself and your assets from litigation with professional liability insurance. Unlike small-business liability insurance, professional liability protection covers the actual interaction with your clients, including malpractice and breach of contract claims.

Who Needs It?

Essentially anyone who provides a professional opinion, makes recommendations, or proposes solutions or treatment options is potentially at risk for a professional liability lawsuit.

What Is Covered?

Professional liability policies are especially valuable in addressing common complaints such as malpractice or breach of contract, but other essentials are also included such as professional negligence, loss of client data, claims of nonperformance, negligent oversell and ancillary losses. Also called Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage, professional liability protects against losses and liability associated with accidents, oversight and omissions.

Peace of Mind

In today’s litigious society, professional liability coverage provides you with peace of mind in knowing you have a team of experts on your side should a claim arise. It’s no longer enough to do your best and allow the rest to take care of itself. Honest mistakes or even overtly fraudulent charges may result in excessive legal fees even if a suit is dismissed. Professional liability protection allows you to keep conducting business even while the lawsuit is addressed in court, by providing judgment protection, assisting with defense expenses and court costs.