Protect Your Business on Rainy Days

Accidents happen. Savvy small-business owners plan for the unexpected, by purchasing business umbrella insurance.

A business umbrella policy provides additional protection, above and beyond the basics.

An umbrella policy is different from a standard business liability policy that protects you up to a given amount.

For example, if your current liability policy provides $1 million of protection, the umbrella policy would cover the additional amount up to the policy limit.

Business umbrella policies are an excellent way to provide protection against costly lawsuits, resulting from a wide variety of potential threats.

Those threats can include things such as:

  • Driving accidents that result in multiple claims or extensive types of damage
  • Professional service errors resulting in inadvertent destruction or corruption of data
  • Unknown defects in workmanship or other errors that result in multiple lawsuits or claims
  • Other unanticipated events leading to a loss of life, property damage or other injuries

Many factors are involved in deciding on the appropriate level of business umbrella insurance to purchase. This includes the amount of existing coverage, industry, profitability and personal assets at stake.

Contact your agent to discuss options and obtain a quote for various coverage amounts.



September 2009