Six Ways to Save on Gas Mileage This Summer


gas mileageDon’t let fluctuating gas prices crash your road-trip plans. Use the following tips to spend less on gas, save on gas mileage, and have more cash for that summer journey.


  1. Drive at the right time. Cooler air can increase your car’s power.
  2. Pack light. Heavier cars require more power, and that requires more gas.
  3. Drive safely and carefully. Conserve energy by driving the speed limit and stopping gradually. Stop-and-go driving isn’t good for you or your fellow travelers.
  4. Crank the air conditioner. Driving with the windows down causes more drag on the engine.
  5. Consider renting an energy-efficient vehicle for long trips.
  6. Incorporate cycling or public transit in your vacation plans. You’ll save money, get exercise, and see more of your destination.