Get Cars Winter Ready

Get Cars Winter Ready

Get Cars Winter Ready

1.Check Car Battery to make sure it is winter ready.

2.Tires should have mud and snow (M +S) or all-season tread and be in good condition.

3.Brakes should be checked and serviced if necessary. Even braking on all four wheels will lessen the chance of skids on slippery roads.

4.Make sure your vehicle’s exhaust system has no leaks. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can accumulate quickly in closed vehicles.

5.Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. Keep the windshield wiper reservoir filled with antifreeze solution.

6.Check the radiator, heater core and all hoses that carry antifreeze solution to see that they are in good condition and free of leaks. Also check to see that the solution is good to at least 40 below zero.

7.Use winter weight oil (usually 5W-30) in the engine.

8.Carry a winter survival kit in the vehicle.