Stressed holiday woman

Secrets to a Relaxed Holiday Season

One of the secrets to a successful holiday season is learning how to go with the flow. But sadly, the holiday season is often associated with heightened levels of stress, fatigue and even illness due to high expectations and the inability to relax.

This year, make it a priority to chill out and enjoy the simple pleasures of fine food, friends and family. Not only will you feel more invigorated and involved, but a positive attitude will inspire others to join in the fun.

Following are some tips to help you create a climate of joy and celebration this holiday season:

Manage Expectations: Start with your own attitude, then have a frank discussion with others in the family. Don’t put so much emphasis on making everything perfect. Instead, celebrate the small triumphs that make life memorable. Focus on the essential elements that matter and let go of things beyond your control.

Smile: Every family has its share of conflict, and learning to walk away and leave it for another day isn’t always as simple as sounds. Given enough time, most of the drama tends to subside on its own. Put on your best smile and practice a firm but gentle response that removes you from the negative situation and environment. Not only will it reduce stress, but a contagious smile is one thing everyone loves to catch.

Get Fit: The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is often associated with increased risk of illness. This year, make it a priority to get enough rest, exercise and even consider adding a good vitamin supplement to the daily routine. Remember, a healthy body and mind make for a happy holiday season.