Simple Steps to Reinvent Your Career

Re-inventing your career in a tough economy isn’t easy, but it can open the door to new opportunities. Whether you’re going solo for the first time or simply planning to pursue greener pastures, these simple steps provide a firm foundation.
Focus on the Future. Don’t allow your mind to wander or worry about the past. Instead, focus on the future both mentally and emotionally. Create a blueprint with clearly defined action steps and target dates designed to jump-start your plan.
Take Stock. Make a list of assets that can be used to accomplish your goals. Everything from equipment and education to networking opportunities should be included. Prior accomplishments, experience and skills should be clearly detailed, as should making a list of any known deficiencies.
Invest in Yourself. Change always provides an opportunity for investing in your own success. Whether you simply need to brush up on a few skills or retrain entirely, don’t skimp when it comes to investing in your own education or training. Consider alternative arrangements such as online learning, an apprenticeship or even volunteer opportunities to fill in the gaps while obtaining valuable experience at a fraction of the cost.
Get the Word Out. People can be helpful. Ex-employers are often happy to provide testimonials, while friends and family can provide valuable feedback about opportunities. Most important, learn how to actually ask for help.