Be Smart in the Sun: 3 Tips to Help You Glow, Not Burn


It’s important to remember the very real benefits to be derived from the sun. In addition to a healthy glow, vitamin D and gentle levels of UV radiation are associated with everything from hormonal regulation to antibacterial properties. Make the most of the sun this summer without having to swim in an ocean of sunscreen.

Dress Right

Wearing a simple hat, a lightweight shirt and basic protective clothing is the first step in staying safe and comfortable when working or playing outdoors. Don’t scrimp when it comes to comfort clothing, and always bring extra shirts, shoes and hats when at the beach. It’s a lot easier to wash an extra outfit than soothe sunburn for the next few days.

Start Slow

Skin builds up a slow tolerance, so be especially cautious the first few times you are out in the sun. Children, the elderly and those with fair skin are especially prone to sunburn early in the season. Make it a priority to keep track of the time and avoid the hottest part of the day.

Ask about Medications

Many medications – including common over-the-counter drugs – can cause sun sensitivity even among people who rarely burn. Ask your physician or pharmacist about sun exposure for any medications you may take.