Sync Your Tech Insurance Coverage to New Upgrades


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In the mobile universe, technology is changing faster than the speed of light. It seems every few weeks, the tech giants introduce something new, with features that will make life easier for small business.

However, many business users are still operating at normal speed when it comes to the use and protection of their corporate devices. They haven’t implemented policies governing their employees’ use of personal devices, and many remain confused about data storage in the era of Big Data.

More to the point, their insurance protection often fails to keep up with the speed at which they are acquiring new technology. With hacking and other invasions of privacy so rampant, it’s vital you should have protection in place in your own mobile universe.

Purchasing the right coverage for your new technology can be complex. Here are three steps to take to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

List all your mobile equipment: That includes cell phones, laptops and other mobile electronic devices. These days, many employees work through their own smartphones and laptops. This poses unique data protection problems, so ensure your insurance professional is aware of the practice.

Don’t forget data storage: Cloud storage is a tremendous storage option for small businesses, but does the cloud offer total protection?

Consider your options: The technological boom of the past few years has transformed insurance coverage, and you need a knowledgeable source to sort through all the options. Your insurance professional can decode these options for you.