Texting While Driving Increases Crash Risks by 23x


texting-while-drivingOh, it’s tempting to respond to a buzz, tweet, chime or ding from our cell phones while driving – but doing so increases your risk of an accident a staggering 23x!

Think you can safely text while driving? Think again.

The National Highway & Transportation Administration (NHTSA) reported that texting and driving slows a driver’s judgement and reaction time in the same way that drinking two beers impairs a driver.

In both cases, drivers tend to follow too closely behind other vehicles, are not able to brake on time or have difficulty weaving or merging into traffic.

Consider the facts:

While we all may have put ourselves at greater risk by using our cell phones while driving, Teenagers are at the greatest risk of texting-related accident. Besides being the least experienced group of drivers, they are also among the heaviest users of texting apps. It can simply be too tempting for a Teenager to ignore a buzzing, tweeting, chiming or dinging phone.

With the risks of driving increasing every day as more and more people allow themselves to be distracted while driving, having the right insurance is vital for your protection. We’ll be happy to review your current policy and make sure you have the best possible value in price and protection.