Things You Never Knew Were Covered by Auto Insurance


When you’re involved in a fender bender, you know you should call your insurance agent.

If your car gets keyed or a stray rock cracks your windshield, you are pretty sure your auto insurance policy has you covered.

What about other, more unusual circumstances? Did you know the following situations are often covered by auto insurance?

When the sky is falling:

It’s rare, but it happens. If a piece of satellite, airplane, or meteorite hits your vehicle, your comprehensive auto insurance probably covers the cost of repairs. Look for a “falling objects” clause.

When you need rodent repairs:

When mice, squirrels, or rabbits decide to take up residence under your hood, they can be quite destructive. Keep this in mind if your vehicle will be parked for long periods of time. If mice munch your wires, check with your carrier to see if your policy includes an “other than collision” clause that will cover this damage.

When Spot needs stitches:

Does your dog ever go for a joyride in your car? If you’re in an accident that results in pet injury, your auto insurance policy may cover the vet bills.

When the seat’s not safe:

Even if it looks OK, a child’s car seat might be damaged by an accident. It’s a good idea to go ahead and replace it. They aren’t cheap, but your insurance may cover this cost.

When potholes cause pitfalls:

Many auto insurance policies categorize pothole accidents as collisions. If so, the damage caused by your run-in with one of these road pits will be covered.

When payday comes up short:

Did you miss work due to a car accident injury? A portion of your lost income may be recoverable through your auto insurance policy.

If you experience any of these encounters, contact your agent to determine if your policy provides coverage.