Three Crowd-Control Tips to Reduce Risk at Company Events


Winter is often the time for company parties and potlucks. As you schedule these events, keep crowd-control in mind. A lack of organization and structure can increase the risk of injury and property damage. Use the following tips to keep your outing running smoothly and avoid any unnecessary incidents that could result in insurance claims.

Control the flow: From parking to food lines to dance floors, use methods to manage the crowd and keep people moving efficiently. This will help avoid congestion, which can cause accidents. It will also create a more enjoyable event. Mark entrances and exits clearly. Control how many people flow through small areas simultaneously. If the event is of a significant size, provide staff or security to direct crowd flow.

Put a plan in place: Before any event, establish an emergency response plan. This should include evacuation procedures as well as responses to individual medical emergencies. Be prepared to respond to crime, too. Your plans should include what to do in case of theft or violent incidents.

Communicate clearly: It’s not enough to simply have ideas or create a plan. Communicate all information to staff and guests of the event. Be sure all staff who are helping run the event are well-versed in the emergency procedures. Let guests know what is expected of them concerning crowd control. This clear communication will help keep things running smoothly and reduce the risk of incidents.

For additional tips on how to reduce claims at events, contact your insurance provider.