Weigh Anchor with Insurance Coverage This Summer

Are you ready for another boating season with your favorite vessel? Of course. But don’t set sail without your anchor, your insurance anchor, that is.

While car owners usually ensure they obtain proper coverage for their vehicles, boat owners are often unaware of their options. Due to the risks and potential costs involved, insuring water vehicles is just as important as insuring land vehicles. In fact, your boat may well have a higher value than your car! Before you hit the lake with this valuable asset, talk to your agent about insurance coverage for your boat. Options are available for a wide range of boating concerns: • Risk coverage: Insure your boat in case of fire, theft, storm, capsizing, stranding, collision, or explosion.

• Property coverage: You likely have a lot invested in the equipment aboard your vessel, possibly more than you realize. Insurance can cover items such as tools, life preservers, seat cushions, anchors, oars, dinghies, extra fuel tanks, canopies, and skis.

• Liability coverage: This will provide coverage in the case of an accident. You will be protected against legal liability if you injure someone with your boat or cause damage to others’ property.

• Medical payments coverage: This provides payment of medical expenses if you and/or other boat occupants are injured in a boating accident.

• Wreck removal: This coverage pays expenses incurred if you have to remove or destroy your wrecked boat.