What Happens When You Shop Local

This text is adapted from an infographic produced by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), a non-profit research and advocacy organization that works to curb economic consolidation and strengthen independent, community-rooted enterprise. See the full infographic here, and see more of ILSR’s resources here.

Shopping with the bigger brands such as Amazon, Walmart, and the likes can be convenient, but this holiday, don’t forget about your local businesses.

It’s likely that you can get more bang for your buck when you shop locally.

Here’s what happens when you shop with a locally owned business.

And, it all starts with you!

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You Benefit From Expertise.

The perfect running shoe.
The new toy that’s certain to delight.
The fantastic novel you hadn’t heard of.
The best tool for the job.
Get the right thing and save time by relying on the expertise of local retailers.

At a local store, you’re as much as 3x more likely to discover something new.

You Connect with Your Community.

Shopping locally means bumping into friends, enjoying lively streets, playing in the toy store, and trading neighborhood news with the people behind the counter.
Local businesses make communities work.

In places with more local businesses, people have stronger social ties and participate more in civic affairs.

You Strengthen Your Local Economy.

Local retailers hire local people, pay local taxes, and source goods locally.
When you shop local, you expand opportunity where you live.

Compared to Amazon, independent retailers create 2x as many jobs for the same amount of revenue.

You Cast a Vote for the American Dream.

Starting a small business has long been a pathway to the middle class.
By supporting local entrepreneurs, you invest in a future that works for all of us.

Places with more small businesses have less income inequality.

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